Fully customisable to deliver the benefits you need

It all starts with our base formulation, DermaLayr Marine+, made of our own 100%, type 1 marine collagen, T-Coll™.
We then add a custom blend of actives to DermaLayr Marine+ to create a tailored, bespoke functional formulation for our customers and their brands.

Pure, Powerful & Natural

T-Coll™ is our own 100%, type 1 marine collagen sourced from New Zealand oceans. Our proprietary novel batch production uses a gentle bioprocess method that enables us to treat our marine collagen with the utmost care, allowing us to preserve this sustainably sourced marine collagen in its purest, native form.

T-Coll™ retains the long chains from collagens natural state, triple helix form, meaning that it is closer in chemical make up to the body’s naturally produced collagen, thus making it more effective.

DermaLayr Marine+ rapidly delivers the highest dose, over 90%, of pure and concentrated T-Coll™ collagen deep into the dermal layer of the skin.

Bespoke Formulations

Working with our base formulation and extensive range of actives within our formulation library, we create tailored and bespoke products that delivers benefits including anti-ageing, hydration, tightening, brightening, protection and repair through to broad-reaching specialty treatments.