The fastest non-invasive dermal delivery platform in the world

DermaLayr is a functional platform that delivers exclusive formulations and hero ingredients deep into the skin for targeted benefit or treatment. A highly convenient all-in-one solution that can deliver multiple activities into the skin in one step.

10x deeper into skin layers

When testing against serums, DermaLayr delivers actives up to 10 times deeper into the skin layers.

150% more effective in delivering actives

Against gels, DermaLayr is 150% more effective in delivering actives to the skin.

Wrinkle Reduction

DermaLayr actively combats fine lines and wrinkles, dramatically reducing their appearance.

Results showed an average decrease of 11.6% of observed wrinkles after a single application of DermaLayr.*

Lifting Effect

DermaLayr visibly smooths the skin’s appearance and helps it regain its firmness and elasticity.

Results showed an average increase of 26.9% observed lifting effect after a single application of DermaLayr.*

Salicylic Acid Penetration

With targeted delivery, DermaLayr is scientifically proven to deliver actives deep into the dermal layers.

Results showed that our base formulation, DermaLayr Marine+ containing Salicylic acid enabled a 91.3% penetration of bioactive.



After 15 minutes, delivery starts within the epidermis layer, breaking the stratum corneum skin barrier and providing sustainable release over the first 4 hours.

From 4 to 8 hours, penetration into the dermal layer is shown to rapidly increase up to a concentration of 2.6ug/ml, delivering the actives to where they really work.


No animal testing

Rapid delivery into dermal layers*

100% naturally derived

Clinically proven wrinkle reduction*

No fillers or preservatives


Patented Technology

Through dedication and disruptive innovation, DermaLayr’s Proprietary technology with IP trademarks, filed in three classes across seven countries has changed the game with exceptional performance, measurably greater benefit, and superior experience.

*Test conducted on DermaLayr Marine+ Pure Collagen by the Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences, as used in the Korean product ActivLayr – Cosmoreplus
**Tested by MS Clinical Research, an SGS accredited lab that is ISO-certified